From the President's Desk


The Esteemed members of APSI, 2014

Subject - IPRAS and IPRAS-APS international dues

Dear Colleagues

As you are aware the general body at Mumbai during APSICON2013 has decided to withheld international dues payment to IPRAS. Discussion was also made about status of  IPRAS-APS.

Following this,  dues for 2014 were not paid to IPRAS.

IPRAS-APS dues are paid for a block of four years and are not due till 2017.

There was a meeting of a sub committe under chairmanship of Dr. V. Bhattacharya in August 2013 and February 2014 on this issue.There have been several accounting, budgetary and correspondence documents that have generated in past few years and can help you to build your opinion as Dr. Bhattacharya is going to present this issue to you in forthcoming general body meeting at Chandigarh on 18th October.

Even before the general body and in the view of documents that have generated between February 2014 and now, if the EC decides so, a question to this decision may be included in the ballot paper of the general election. Please go through the two zip files about IPRAS documents and IPRAS-APS documents that are available on the home page of our web site.

Your opinion in this matter shall be valuable.

Dr. Ramesh Sharma 
Dr. Parag Sahasrabudhe
Hon. Secretary

Association of plastic Surgeons of India